Are you preparing for your big move into your new home at The Corvalla in Frisco? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but with enough planning and preparation, you’ll soon be settling into your new condo. You can then take full advantage of your spa-inspired master bath, upscale kitchen, and the view from your floor-to-ceiling architectural windows. 

Even before your final closing date and keys in hand, below are some important steps to get ready for move-in day. Every move is different, so heed the applicable advice and leave the rest. Happy packing!

One Month Before

  • Create a Moving Folder. Keep all of your moving info in one place for easy access. Stick everything move-related in this binder – phone numbers, notes from phone calls, moving company/truck quotes, utility info, and more. Alternately, keep a folder on your notes app on your phone. 
  • Start purging. Sell, donate, or give away unwanted items in advance to make your move that much lighter.
  • Walk through your new place. 
    • Determine what each room will be “named” on moving day, so you can label boxes accordingly as you pack. Keep the list of room names in your Moving Folder for reference (ex. Study, Master BR, Master Bath, Bedroom 2, LR, DR, Storage). 
    • Measure rooms/doorways to ensure your furniture will fit.
  • Gather boxes and packing supplies.
  • Begin packing non-essentials. Out-of-season clothes, the extra linen closet, rarely used dishes and utensils – go ahead and start! Chances are you’ll need more boxes than you realize. 
  • Start using up food in the refrigerator and pantry. Throw out expired food, spices, condiments, etc.
  • Make needed calls like homeowner’s insurance and school registration for your children. 


Two Weeks Before

  • Schedule movers whether it’s a moving company, renting a truck, or securing friends and family to help.
  • Start packing a room a day. Label boxes for specific rooms. Include the label “fragile” as needed. Don’t wait until the last minute – you’ll need your energy for moving day and unpacking.
  • Take photos of important items such as antiques, large furniture, and more, especially if you’re using a professional moving company.
  • Change your address. Go to
  • Schedule utilities, cable, and internet services.  The General Manager will do this for you.


One or Two Days Before


  • Pack a move-in day box of essentials. Keep this box or bag in your car and move it in yourself so it doesn’t get lost in the sea of boxes. 


      • What to include: charging cords, toilet paper, hand towels, toiletries, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo/conditioner, coffee, and coffee maker, pet food, medications, small tools for assembling furniture, laptops, your moving binder, and more. 
      • It’s also wise to keep your valuables such as jewelry in a safe, separate place.


  • Pack a suitcase of clothes and towels for each family member for the first few days. 
  • Do a final walk-through of your home and label rooms clearly. With painter’s tape or putty, hang up a sign with the room’s name so movers can easily identify them without your constant direction.
  • Pick up keys and pertinent info from The Corvalla management office. This includes parking info, where to unload your moving truck, and more.
  • Collect keys and clean your old home or apartment.
  • Have a plan for your pet(s). Take them to a pet-sitter or a friend to keep their anxiety at bay and to ensure their safety as you load/unload boxes. Once you’re moved in, you can get them used to your new home.Confirm the day and time with movers – whether it’s a professional company or friends.



Move-In Day


  • Pack your essentials box in your car.
    • Provide a cooler of water, drinks, and snacks. Have a plan for lunch for your movers.
    • Have cash on hand to tip the moving company.
    • Touch base with The Corvalla management office to check for any last-minute details.
    • Be ready to direct the movers (or have a family member/friend do so) and expect not to do a lot of the actual box-carrying yourself. 
  • Check your utilities.
  • Unload and enjoy a relatively easy process because of all of your planning!


After weeks of hard work, take your time unpacking as you discover how to make your new homework best for you. Have fun with room arrangements, kitchen storage, decorating, and utilizing all of the space in your new condo. 

Once you’re at home at The Corvalla, take full advantage of the resort-inspired amenities like the manicured grounds, pools, golf at The Stonebriar Country Club, and more. Finally, get to know the surrounding area – find a pharmacy, bank, favorite restaurants, local parks, recreation and entertainment options, schools, and more. You’ll soon discover why the Dallas suburb of Frisco, Texas, is one of America’s best places to live and work.

Welcome home!